Friends, You are awesome. The Intelligence Report find was exceptional. I worked at a electroplating factory as a export manager and cleaning the parts and using distilled water were the two highly critical factors. One Boatbuilder contacted with me to send them yacht handles , I now remember We were using a transparent electroplated shiny coating on them imported from England. There are tons of materials electroplaters could plate on your parts , every kind of color.
I remember I have found a importer from Greece which buys copies of Italian Goods to sell as original at Greece.
We worked hard to match is greenish petrol gold color. But result was breathtaking. The artisans who is responsible from colors , mold cnc stuff were unbeliviable , you say something short and he undertands what you are talking about and did the correct thing in 1 hour.

I will post another question within this thread and thank you very very much.