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2. I was expecting my cold water to be too cold, and to add small amounts of warm water to bring it up to 20C. Well... my cold water was about 2 degrees too warm! I had to let my cold water run for a long time to get it below 20C. So getting all my chems to 20c took a longer than I was expecting. ( We're on a well and I use reverse osmosis filtered water to mix all the chems... the well water from the tap was for the tub to get all the temps right )
I use, amongst things, soups that are pre-mixed (xtol etc.) and other re-use fluids (like fixer etc.). When they come out from the locker where I keep em they hold 25-26 C most of the time (I live in the south of france). About 30-50 minutes in the fridge brings em down to 20, in glass containers closer to 30 mins, in plastic closer to 50 mins.