I was given a stack of boxes of RC paper. Stacked up, it would reach my waist line. 16x20 down to 5x7. Most is outdated. I spent a couple of days testing each box for fogging( by standard developing)and found a couple packs was fogged. I think all that was fogged was boxes that had been opened.

Other than standard printing and developing, is there anything I can do with them, like an alternative process???

I have played with Caffenol on film and had good results.

Can I tone RC? I do have Sepia toner that was also given at the same time.
I don't want to spend a whole day in the darkroom trying something if it won't work at all with RC.
I'm not lazy but I do want to try something different if it will work with this paper.
I have printed a bunch from them using old negatives I have had for years and they look very good.

Anyone with a knowledge base on RC paper that have used an alternative process would be appreciated.

Any ideas????