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Don't judge the box based on the top sheet alone. For some reason the top sheet often performs differently than the rest of the box when a box is left alone for a long time.

Consider lith printing, if you have the time.

For the bigger shets, consider overprinting (ie deeper tones than normal) and bleaching the fog and overexposure back using ferricyanide bleaching.
Hey Mike
I have been close to pushing the button on ordering Lith developer but I have never used it and not much use in getting some for a paper that I don't know would work for it.

I have so much RC paper now, that I think I'll order some and try it. I have wanted to try lith style and I think I would dedicate my darkroom just for that, if I knew it would work with RC. I have done some research on lith and I understand it for FB paper but haven't heard very little about RC with it.

The fogged stuff was in short numbers in a couple of boxes. Not worth the effort with what was left.