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Dear Simon,
sad to hear, well as long as 5x7 film is available, it's ok for ME, but...

Never really understood why 4x5 and 8x10 is so popular when 5x7 is so nice!
Many 5x7 cameras not much bigger than a 4x5, but all 8x10 very clumsy in comparison.
Don't expect you to solve this lack of my understanding!

4 by 5 was popular with press photographers in the 30s and 40s because it was small enough to carry a handfull of film holders in your pocket and run to the scene of a crime, or whatever. The 5-inch wide image also fit on a page easily. The huge user base that built up hung on.

8 by 10 gives you an amazing image, 5 by 7 being somewhat in between those two extremes, it was just the odd size and got bypassed especially now as things are tightening up and manufacturers are looking for what sells the best.