So last night I repeated the ld20 test and for the print I was making the splotchiness eventually disappearing wasn't an issue.
I usually start with hot water from the tap. This gives minmimal splotchiness. As it cools and becomes seasoned it gets worse and dev times increase.
I'm not sure why this 'layer' has trouble clearing for me. Bob and Thomas seem to be the printers with the most experience with this paper here.

Based on their workflows I'm wondering if the heated mixture, strength and short dev times make this 'phase' go rather quickly and it's not as perceptible as mine.
It took me awhile but I thought Rudman had mentioned heating the dev for this paper and found:
"Although not my ideal for Lith printing, it will respond to dilute lith developer and I
know those who like its somewhat different look, especially with higher contrast
negatives. It has less interesting (or perhaps more subtle, depending on your
viewpoint) results than the others listed here but yields an ivory colour with rather
grudging infectious development. Better in hot lith developer or with added
bromide. Recent batches appear to have a whiter base and are trickier to lith. It does
however deserve special mention for 2nd pass lith - redevelopment in lith, after
bleaching a conventionally processed print. Pulled at the right moment it gives a
delicate blend of soft warm browns and cool greys."