I'm sad to say that it's time to part with my Eastman. I had high hopes for her, but focusing on my academic career, music, and 35/MF photography has left me little time to work with 8x10--plus those lenses are expensive!

The "full package deal" will come with the camera, unofficial extension rail, two film holders, two lens boards with lenses clumsily attached (a chopped up TR triple and a process lens) and a barely-used box of x-ray film. For this, I'm asking $600

I also have a beautiful Berlebach report tripod (sans head) that I would be able to let go WELL under retail. Say, $200.

Pictures will be uploaded when I get home, as I'm at work currently :P

I'm located in Northwest Arkansas, so anyone who might want to come take a look in person, just let me know.

If you think these prices are totally unreasonable, I'll listen to offers, but from what I gather from ebay completed sales, they're not far off the mark.