I felt like posting this for a little guidance on these films and developers. As many of you know, I currently use Acros 100 and Pyrocat-hd 1:1:100 for most of my work. It's been great, but I'm having little luck accomplishing the contrast in the negs that I like and (even with filters) and after a few years, want to switch to Ilford since they have been such amazing promoters of film. Also, since the demise of Neopan 400 in 120, I've been running low on my stash and need something with more market permanence. I played with a few films and found that Pan-F is giving me what I like in terms of truly outstanding image quality and easier to work with negs.

Currently I develop Pan-F in Pyrocat for 15 minutes at 1:1:100 72f. These seem a little bit thin and was wondering if people up the dilution or extend developing times, or maybe I should be shooting at IE 25? Also, how long do I need to wash this stinking film?! Still getting pinks!

Secondly, my girlfriend really enjoys shooting still life which is way outside of my knowledge, and going through some research I think I settled to experiment with Tri-x 400 (since we're using natural light and handholding sometimes) and Microdol 1:3 at 18 minutes. Does this sound about right? Looking for some creaminess but also just a hint of grain--why else shoot film?!

Someone correct me if I am way off with these or please provide some feedback on procedures, etc.