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Would you look at that!

Compare that spectral sensitivity to the APX 100 and Scala. It's EXACTLY the same.
Yes, Thomas, it is the same.
APX 100 and Scala 200X have the same spectral sensivity. That has never been a secret. Agfa has published the data, and all photographers who have used both films and compared them have seen it.
Shoot the Kodak colour test chart with both films and you see immediately that the colour transfer to grey tones is identical.
Not surprising as Scala 200X is based on the APX 100 emulsion.

And I've done that recently in my lab with the Silvermax film and compared it to Scala and APX, and the spectral sensivity results of the three films are identical.
My test results so far: The overall performance of Silvermax is very close to the APX 100 (good news for photographers who like APX 100), and close to Scala 200X, if the film is reversal processed.

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