Looking through this forum Jon Goodman was reccomended as a source for seal kits. I contacted him by email. This is the my post on PentaxForums.com:

Looking in apug.org for advice on resealing my Olympus OM-2n, Jon Goodman was cited as the go-to man for a seals kit with good instructions. He had been selling via ebay, but no more, so I sent him an email at jgood21967@aol.com He replied two days later, apologized for the delay (!) and said that if I sent him my mailing address he'd ship the kit off in the morning, and I could send him a check, money order, or cash for $9.00 plus $1.00 shipping at my convenience! Truly his name is what he is!

What a refreshing business model! And my check truly is in the mail.