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My test results so far: The overall performance of Silvermax is very close to the APX 100 (good news for photographers who like APX 100),
Realizing that you probably were not testing with Rodinal, let me ask for an educated guess about performance with Rodinal.

Could I shoot it like APX 100 and develop in Rodinal and get "almost" like old times?

Ok, so I'm a Luddite. Shoot me. After all, I still use film, so I must be crazy. (But look at the company I keep.)

It is kind of an interesting prospect to think about to use one film for old school and new. TMax gives us 14 stops, but sometimes it's honest to the point of being brutal.

This film might play both roles by changing developer. The specialized developer for long range and the old school developer for the archaic.

I gotta get some.