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It is good that there is so little fogging but have you tried printing with the Ilford MGIII? MGIII is now very old and some I was given had little or no fog but had lost quite a bit of contrast.

The effect was to give a different look which was fine for some prints but certainly if a neg had required a higher contrast then I would have had a problem.

Hey pentaxuser

I just looked at the boxes, 11x14 and 8x10, and the notes I had written on the boxes. Both boxes showed good. I didn't note any contrast change. I don't think I could tell if there was a change since I don't have any to compare with.

I just today mixed up some Sepia toner and put a few prints that I had printed, and they looked very good as far as toning. I used a couple of prints from Ultrafine ( no idea whose paper ) and they came out a chocolate brown. Nice, since I like that tone. I also toned some fiber Adox MCC 110 that I had just recently bought. I didn't care for the color of those
with Sepia toner.

I'll try the Ilford stuff tomorrow and see how that works out.