Seems like the people that scream the loudest about me warding off potential scammeras and other time wasters could be the ones that wanted to try a scam?

Interesting how the honest folks don't take offence to the statements.

Anyway point taken, I will tone it down, but first a word about PayPal.

I do not mean to come off as rude but have found that some buyers who insist on PayPay only payment are very suspicious to me especially when there is no way in hell they are willing to pay by some other means, What am I to think? PayPal Buyer Protection? Sorry, but that is just a sick joke, real protection is your right to Chargeback under banking laws.

My policy about payments and PayPal is based on months of research on how PayPal, ebay, banking and credit card sales with additional research on how credit card scams work, based on this knowledge I have a methodology for how I handle credit card transactions.

The customer service folks at and Google Checkout provide the most complete and honest information on how credit card transactions work along with top notch advice on security procedures, banking laws etc.

I certainly don't wish to offend honest members of APUG but make no mistake about it I do wish to fully offend the scammers and people that cause conflict and have problems with every deal or transaction they get involved in.

I will tone down my ads a bit, Thanks! Steve I