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There are loads of things you can do with this paper. The first that comes to mind is lumen printing. Check out the alternative photography site. You could also fog them, develop to black and draw on the emulsion and then reverse them, or how about using them as photogram and pinhole material.
Hey Cliveh
I have a lot of potential use of the paper from the post here. I will try the lumen way first.
I toned a few this morning and they turned out great. It made my day with this. So much paper, so little time to try everything. I am ordering some lith dev. and since I have so many different brands and types, it will be fun using it.
Things have changed so much since I last had a darkroom that it is scarry.
I went to a local art and framing company the other day to get some mounting and framing things. I asked the lady if they had any dry mount tissue. She looked at me like I came over on the ark. After a little search in her stock book, she said they did have some. It was 5 ft. wide x ????. I bought about 10ft and paid her .60 a ft. She said they use foam board now. I guess my dry mount press is all most antique now.

Anyway, I'll keep playing with the RC and see what comes of it.