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Set flashmeter to ISO 100 and retract the dome or use flat disc.

Time 1/30th (irrelevant but you have to set something).

Try to get the flashmeter to read f/16.0... That will give you same as an EG&G.

Now you want to reduce the intensity because that's too much for testing ASA 400 film.
Thanks, Bill. What is the relationship between a reading on the flash meter of f/16 at ISO 100 and the flash output of X lux seconds, if I may ask? I am curious what I am aiming for at the exposure plane.

As for reducing the intensity, couldn't I just dial the flash down until I read a suitably smaller f stop number, instead of using a filter?

IC, thanks for explaining how to calibrate this set-up with a known film. Are ISO conditions for development simply what the manufacturer states or something more exotic?