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I remember years ago while still in college when a student that was retired taking a photography class. She was in the lab taking scissors cutting her 4x5 negatives in half from a photo trip in the American Southwest. I was horrified and asked her why. She said "They weren't sharp". She puts a loupe on each neg to see if they're "tack" sharp. She's a great admirer of Ansel Adams and a f/64 practitioner. In my opinion, she's too rigid in her view on what is good shot. To me sharpness is just another creative tool like lighting. I don't use it all the time. It depends on what I shoot.
It sounds like she never saw an original print by Adams. Many of them are less sharp than one might imagine - even contact prints. Let's also remember as much as we tend to think of him as a stickler for the kind of quality seemingly only possible from large format negatives, he was certainly not afraid of making 16x20 (or larger) prints from cropped medium format negatives (eg Moon and Half Dome).