I find Microdol an odd choice with Tri-X for your purposes (assuming you will be using Ilford's Perceptol). If you are using that developer for its extra fine grain, note that even at 1+3 you need to accept a speed loss of at least one stop to maintain that characteristic. If you increase development times to get closer to box speed you will find graininess quickly increases to levels comparable to general purpose developers that will give you better speed and higher sharpness. So if you want good speed out of Tri-X, with very fine grain, I'd actually suggest XTOL. You could also use ID-11/D76.

Pan-F is a wonderful film but tends to be somewhat contrasty. People will often downrate it with softer development for more shadow detail and highlight control. I don't use the Pyrocat formula so I can't comment on it. It should not be pink. Most of the Ilford films will have a slight bluish cast which is normal. They also have a higher base+fog density than some other films (Acros or TMX for example) so that is normal too.