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A Pentax 6x7 sounds like a good camera to pick up early on...

What really got me into this line of thinking... I'm shooting 4x5 mostly now. And I enjoy printing from 4x5 negatives. Earlier this summer I shot some 35mm and some 6x9 as a diversion (and to check my commitment to 4x5).

I didn't find out what I expected. I found I can take pretty decent pictures with anything. I thought I was going to discover 4x5 was really special and everything else was rot.
I have found that once you have a certain base minimum for the tool, what's created with it is in the hands of the artist.

Let's say that for years you used the Instamatic for everything, and never cleaned the lens, until 110 wasn't available for it anymore. Then you picked up a 4x5 with a clean, modern Rodenstock lens, and shot a bunch of sheets of Techpan. At that point, you'd be thinking, "everything I've done is rot!" But you probably wouldn't be thinking that if you'd been using a Pentax Auto 110 Super, and cared for the glass. You'd be thinking, "this rocks, and the stuff I've done before is good, too."