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The "ready" light comes on in electronic flashes when the capacitor is about 1/2 or 2/3'rds charged.
Good advice. With the variable power manual flash setting, if it's well-designed, you probably won't use all the charge per flash.

For process control purposes... I'd keep the flashmeter handy and test the flash output several times just before you get the film out to test. Do this a few times until you are confident in the flash output stability. Write down what you got (or the average).

Then do the flash for film test... Later, if something doesn't come out right, you'll have a record of how much flash output you were getting.

If your light consistency falters, even by a stop, you can still get an idea what your contrast index is for any specific development run.

Once you setup the "system," it should be so easy to use that you can run a test shot in with every few batches of film you develop -- just to keep tabs on your contrast index (verify that you get what you aimed for).