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You can go back and read post #36. There's also a paper I wrote that spells it out in more detail.

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Thank you for sharing, Stephen. I have been re-reading this entire thread, including your detailed posts, and attachments, and the linked articles, over the past few days.

I think I am trying to solve too many things at the same time: figuring out N,+/-1 Dev times for the negs in hand, learning about the relationship of CIs to curves and how hard finding the numbers may be, figuring out flare as a very real but debatable factor, reconciling WBM and AA ZS testing approaches with their criticism that I found here, fashioning a make-shift sensitometer, making it repeatable enough for now and good enough for a future EI test, and trying to follow it all in my mind with general equations of exposure. I'm sure, with time, I will get there, as that is how I think and process information, and, in my non-photographic professional life, I have managed to comprehend, and pass on to others, fairly complex abstractions. I like dealing with complexity in a systematic and a logical way. In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and I apologise if I have asked about something that you have already explained—I would hate to make you feel that I was wasting your time, as on the contrary, I am very grateful for it. How I wish these discussions could be more face-to-face and interactive.