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Geez, I'm sorry I mentioned it.

Ok, it was in the mid to late 50s. I was a teen, and I was a printer among other things. I saw the negatives, but not the prints. My boss told me that he could not let me see the prints, and he took the prints and negatives. IDK what happened to them, but I never saw them accumulate beyond a few which would represent a weeks worth of prints.

The law said that they could not be returned to the customer. The law said that for privacy purposes, the authorities were not to be informed, and it was later changed to have an exception for child porn.

Now, the problem is that it is difficult to define porn. Is a nude porn? Well, IMHO it is not. But, we could not sent out nude pix. Of course, in that day and age, there was little beyond nude pix and I never heard of child porn.

So, there you have more information. Please don't ask more. I was about 18 at that time. I hardly remember the details.

Up until the 1960s the comstock laws were still in place, which made it illegal to send "obscene" materials through the mail. It was also illegal to send contraceptives, and or sex-ed materials, materials relating to homosexuality, etc.

I would be so proud to say that we're much smarter now than we were in the 1870s, but unfortunately I know a good deal of contemporary Americans would love nothing more than to hurl the united states more than a century backwards legally.

In any event, if would have been illegal in the 1950s to return the finished prints or developed negatives by mail. Perhaps it would have been legal for them to be picked up in person, but I don't really know.