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Dear Simon,
sad to hear, well as long as 5x7 film is available, it's ok for ME, but...

Never really understood why 4x5 and 8x10 is so popular when 5x7 is so nice!
Many 5x7 cameras not much bigger than a 4x5, but all 8x10 very clumsy in comparison.
Don't expect you to solve this lack of my understanding!

Pretty easy to understand why it's not more popular - while 5x7 contact prints can look very nice, they're smaller than most people want. 4x5 enlargers are common and nowadays often quite cheap (if you can find one locally or someone willing to ship, in which case the shipping is likely to be more than the cost, but still pretty reasonable.) 5x7 enlargers are far less common and usually more expensive. 8x10 is even harder to enlarger but big enough that many people are satisfied with contact prints.

5x7 is not more popular because it's perceived (rightly or wrongly) as being too big to easily enlarge while being too small to display contact prints. I toy from time to time with the idea of getting an 8x10 but not 5x7, for this very reason.