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Whaat?? I find it very hard to believe that 34,000 F6's have been made. The serial number's don't start at 000000, Nikon's usually go xx0000 and maybe another 0.
There have been indeed more than 34,000 F6 made so far.
I've have contacts to several F6 users, and we have compared our serial numbers.
So far we've seen / got reports of F6s with the following serial numbers:


If you look at both the first and the last number left and right (besides the zeros), they are all different, therefore no coding here. That are the real production numbers.
Most of the cameras have been produced in 2004 - 2007. We've seen brand new F6 in the 27 - 28 thousand serial number range in 2007.
That accorded with the report in "Chasseur d'Image", that in second half of 2007 the monthly production has been 200 units.
And the last serial numbers we've seen in the last two years accord very well with the latest report I've mentioned in my first post, reporting that the current production is 50 units every month.
After the introduction in 2004 and in 2005/06 quite a lot professionals have bought the F6. Mostly portrait / wedding and travel, nature / wildlife photographers (got that info independantly from two distributers and a Nikon rep.).

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