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Thank you, Henning. That is a rather small image size, but I hope the camera does well for Fuji. Anything to keep instant film production alive is a good thing.
They are offering two different images sizes and films. The small 'mini' size (that is this new model for), and the much bigger size of 62mm x 98mm of the Instax 210 camera.
I am using the 210 Instax and the picture quality is very good for an instant system. Better than the original Polaroid.

Excellent for entertaining your little children (they love watching at the slowly developing picture in front of their eyes, it's pure magic for them), for parties and especially weddings: You took portraits of all the guests, put them in a photo album and all the portraied guests write some personal comments / wishes for the couple below their picture. Then you present this album to the couple yet at the wedding party.

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