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I just don't understand why all their instax cameras have to be so 'cute'. I understand the demographic they are going for, and grant it, I'm no longer in my teens or twenties, but even back when I was I would not have bought a pink or baby blue camera.
I wouldn't do, either . My instax camera is black .

But lots of teenage girls and younger women love these funky colours. And that is a big market for Fuji. They probably sell much more cameras due to the fact that they offer them not only in one, but also in other (fashionable) colours.
Look also at the whole range of Holga and Lomography cameras, which are offered in lots of different colours.
There is indeed a big demand for this colour alternatives.

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That being said, sales in instax must be doing well if they are offering a new camera.
They are, indeed. Fujifilm has also invested in marketing activities supporting the distributors in Instax sales, and dedicated websites e.g. http://www.fujifilm-instax.de/ .

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