That's very well written, Mark.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if Xtol is given 6-12 months as 'life span' by Kodak after it's mixed, and if properly stored, I'm getting 100%, because after 6-12 months in accordion bottles I see no difference.

So it raises the question of what level of importance should be given to storing your liquid concentrates and working solutions in vessels that have better characteristics than accordion bottles.

I don't like 'convention' and assumptions. I like to see for myself by doing. Empirical evidence outweighs theory, in my opinion.

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There are various anecdotal ways the following truism has been said, the exact numbers don't matter, the concept is born out in my experience.

"Perfection is illusive and expensive, every half step toward perfect requires double the effort of the previous step. The first 50% of quality is possible with limited attention and effort, the next 25% takes twice that effort, and so on."

So as a possible example in the case of the accorian bottles the first 50% is available just by putting it in a bottle (any bottle rather than staying in a tray), squeezing out the air may get us to 75% of perfect, keeping it away from heat might get us to 87.5% of perfect.