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Well, it depends.....
The original Agfa recommendations (data sheet) for Rodinal 1+50 for example are 12:30 Min. for a Gamma of 0,55; 14:30 Min. for a Gamma of 0,60; and 17:00 minutes for a Gamma of 0,65.

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No news there. Of course developing time alters contrast. That would be true for the newer recommendations from Agfa, (but perhaps not published), and film and developer combinations in general, regardless of manufacture.

In this sheet - Click link - Agfa give only the processing starting times for γ 0.65, which is, incidentally, 17 minutes at 1+50 dilution of Rodinal, like you suggest above.

I think the developing times in combination with the spectral sensitivity being identical to Agfa's published information for APX 100 is just further evidence of one of two things:
1. Either ADOX was very lazy in the way they published their information, and simply copied Agfa's numbers for APX 100, hoping nobody would notice.
2. It is APX 100.

All we need now is a film characteristic curve, lain right next to one of the APX 100 to cement that this is in fact nothing other than APX 100 film.