Sorry I've been a bit slow with the updates. Life, work, busy, etc.

First, a word of thanks to all those who commented on my card, around pages 10 and 11.

I've received four more cards since my previous update:
MattKing, canopy. Very nice atmosphere, the composition itself, the canopy, the tunnel effect, really drags one into the picture. I can imagine myself walking right there. Then there is the toning. This really adds to the atmosphere, the mystique. Well done!
crispinuk, church in Iceland. Amazing colours. Iceland was on our shortlist this year, but we decided otherwise. Seeing this photo really makes me want to go there, someday. Who knows, maybe next year?
Black Dog, a shot of a steamy/rainy/cold (condensed water?) window. Almost monochrome, but not quite. Simple, yet effective; an interesting photo.
hoffy, Minolta XE-1; you've given me an idea for the shots for the next 20+ postcard exchanges . Very nice shot of what I assume to be a very nice camera (although I've never owned a Minolta).

Thanks, and keep 'em coming. Hoping for a few more cards, and looking forward to the next round.