John Schwind sells regular 8mm film that is reperfed 16mm film. I don't know if he does the reperfing himself or if he has it done for him.

Regular 8mm film is 16mm wide on the camera spool, and is only slit after processing. It uses the same perfs as 16mm film, but twice as many of them. In order for this new film to be available in regular 8, it would need to be supplied in 16mm, either as single or (preferably) double perf film, and then the additional perfs would have to be added in between the existing ones.

DS8 is also 16mm wide, but it uses Super 8 perfs, which are smaller and more square than 16mm perfs. You cannot reperf a single or double perfed 16mm film to make it. You'd need 16mm unperfed, or have it perfed for DS8 by the manufacturer.