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how about, everyone going report on what caught their eye.
I went today and had a long chat with a very nice Harman representative that explained to me the 8x10 Titan Pinhole prototype they have there. Unfortunately he seemed a bit pessimistic about the success of it, pricing will therefore be a bit steep (in my opinion) at around 450,- to cover the cost of the injection mold of the frame I presume. I would very much like to buy one anyway
The Leica booth is quite amazing, using the whole of Hall 1, with a large Gallery part showing a few great artists. Also they have some of them there and speaking to the audience (i.e. Nick Ut) Some of the contemporary pictures exhibited were framed quite carelessly without a mat and with dust inside, while other's were, didn't like that very much. Although this was forgotten after handling the Leica S 2 and MP and Noctilux for a bit.
At Hasselblad they had not yet unveiled the Lunar, it was behind black cloth, yet translucent enough to reveal it to be a compact camera of sorts. Found that a bit strange. Centrepiece of the booth is a pretty Ferrari though. At the Ilford (switzerland) stand they have two artists showing their Ilfochrome colour works, but no one could tell me if they actually manufacture and sell this now or in the near future. Photoflex is selling reflectors at their booth super cheap.
I spend almost the whole day there, it was a sensory overflow. Not much analogue and film technology unfortunately, except large format and Alpa-like things which are not my cup of tea. Forgot to inquire about the Silvermax at adox. Kodak and Fuji seemed like they had forgotten about film altogether. Fuji only has two tiny brochures, one showing the films they still sell, tho other for the gf670.Kodak visibly showed a little pyramid of 6 135mm films.

Bes wishes from Cologne..