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...All we need now is a film characteristic curve, lain right next to one of the APX 100 to cement that this is in fact nothing other than APX 100 film.
Well, I would postulate that the change in substrate negates the claim that it's "nothing other than APX 100" right off the bat. If they were to put it in boxes that said APX 100 on the side there would be a hue and cry to that effect from the peanut gallery immediately. ("Ewweeee!! That's not APX 100! It's got that weird base! They used a different Antihalation layer for it! The Sirens of Titan will bounce off it differently!" Ya-da ya-da ya-da.)

But I'll wager one could safely say that it is "substantially" APX 100, which is exactly what I want. Maybe the emulsion is a little thicker for the extra DMax Mirko mentions. Maybe not. But if it's 95% of APX 100, compared to 0% of APX 100 that's available except for a few rolls in my freezer, then I'm good with that.

But I still want 120 size later.