Thanks for the input so far,

Using the exact formula and mixing proceedure provided me by Bob Schrader it is possible to come up with a developer which appears, in all respects, to be Super 20. It does, however, require continuous stirring at an elevated temperature using a magnetic heater-stirrer in order to get the components into solution. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of how to simplify the process and/or can provide more commonly used descriptive terms and units of measure so I can get back to mixing some up.
BTW, I did not notice a significant reduction in film speed, perhaps half a stop at most. Super 20 was espically nice with Tri-X giving Plus X grain, gorgeous tones and (for me) full film speed. I'm thinking it might be great with some of the more " old style" emulsions like Kentmere 400 or Foma 200. If I can figure out how to upload them, when I get bgack from out of town in October, I will scan a couple of my 35MM Tri-X portraits developed in Super 20 from the 60s as well as some from 2005 using the Schrader formulation.