To play the devils (thomas ) advocate here, clear acetate base was used for Scala and tinted acetate base for APX both are pretty much the same film. Foto Impex still sells both films. As has been mentioned quiet often manufactured or made by Inoviscoat only means that more than 50% of added value has to come from them nothing more and nothing less. If it were a new emulsion it would be available in different sizes and not in 35mm only. The new Super 8 Film could be rebadged APX as well, Wittner Kinotechnik sells APX 100 in Super8 Cartridges.

The introduction of Silvermax is still a good thing in my opinion, the internet is full of threads about this film creating propaganda for film and countering the effect of the film is dead song. So still congratulation and a big thank you to Mirko and his crew.