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Even Kentmere 100 and 400 are available in 120 size as Rollei RPX.

Hello Dominik,

No, Kentmere 100 / 400 and Rollei RPX 100 / 400 are definitely not the same films, but different emulsions. If you compare them directly side by side you will see it.
Independant developer manufacturers like Wolfgang Moersch ( www.moersch-photochemie.de ) and Heribert Schain from Spur (www.spur-photo.com ) have intensively tested both the two Kentmere and the two RPX films and say that the emulsions are different (and therefore also different developing times in the Moersch and Spur developers).
Another friend of mine has also tested these films in direct comparison and has confirmed the results from Moersch and Spur.

The RPX films are coated by Harman/Ilfordphoto.
But as Simon Galley always very clearly has said, they will not offer their original Ilford and Kentmere products to other companies.
But they do manufacturing for other companies with different products.

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