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This is I think Sandy King's favourite combination. Like Klainmester I've used Acros & Pyrocat at 1+1to 100 at box speed, my dev time would be a touch longer, but not significantly -- 15mins @ 20C

Ian, I also found the published times far to short for my Acros/Pyrocat combo. I kind of cheated when I first tried the two out by not running a test. I figured that Acros was cheap and Pyrocat was super cheap so I just shot a roll and ran it at 10 min. Negs were printable, but not great. Four rolls later I was up to 14 min and that's where I've been since, but I actually think I could go just a hair longer. Or I might just try a dilution of 2:2:100 on a practice roll and see how it prints. I'm souping at 70 degrees and using a condenser light source. It's a very easy combination, but I think I like Acros in Xtol replenished better for most things. Acros is really a great film considering the price. JohnW