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I still call it wrong.
O.k., so you are claiming that Nikon is printing misleading fake serial numbers on the cameras.
It would be the first time in Nikon's history......why should they do that??

I have my F6 here, with a + 30 thousand serial number on it.
If I delete the '3', assuming it could be a code number, then only about 1,500 units would have been made until 2009.
If I delete the last number, then only about 3,500 units would have been made until 2009.
If that would have been the case, Nikon would have stopped production years ago because such extremely small numbers are not economical and the production would have been a big loss for them.

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8 years x 12 months = 96 x 200 per month = 19,200.
As I've explained above, during the first years much more than 200 units have been produced per month.
Sales volumes of such items are not a linear thing.
It is a normal product lifecycle that after the introduction you have the highest demand and best sales volumes, and then, with increasing market saturation, sales volumes are decreasing and after some years levelling out.
At the F6 introduction there have been a background report about the F6 published in a German photo magazine, explaining the maximum capacity of F6 production which can be run (if the demand is so high) is about 5,000 units monthly. The demand has never been in this region, so Nikon has never exploited this maximum monthly capacity.

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I'm very deep into nikon and live in an area where I get lots of tourist traffic and it still took Years to actually even see one and the local pro store selling consignment has only had 2 F6's in 5 years, and I've seen just about everything go thru that shop (Nikonos RS complete kit in case!).
No way its 34,000...
Anecdotic observations are no evidence. In my area there is also lots of tourist traffic, especially from other European countries and Asia.
More than 750,000 Nikon F3 has been produced.
More than 240,000 F4.
More than 828,000 Nikon F80/N80.
More than 1 million Rolleiflex TLRs.

Nevertheless I've never seen either a F3, F4 or F80/N80 at our tourist hotspots. And only one time a Rolleiflex (and that one was not from a tourist, but a native student).
But I would never derive assumptions on production numbers from my observations.

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