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The base is not bought or coated in 35mm but in larger sizes, you can use the 35mm base in medium format cameras, in LF it might become a problem. The Impex argument is BS sorry. If they said we only coat and sell 35mm because that's what people buy okay, the base argument is pardon the pun of base. Even Kentmere 100 and 400 are available in 120 size as Rollei RPX.

I am still not saying that the new Silvermax is not a new film. But I am pissed that they only offer it in 35mm.

Most other films available in both 35 mm and 120 size are coated on different base material. Check the technical specifications for both Kodak and Ilford films and you will find ( on those places where it is listed ) that 120 film is coated on a thinner base than 35 mm . Only selling 35 mm film makes sence if that is the base that is available. If the entire production is sold out in a month ( what a dream ! ), I am quite sure Mirko will consider both 35 mm and 120 size.