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Perhaps I am wrong in thinking so, but my observations of my own, and of other peoples' prints, suggest that a full range of paper DMax is often used and aimed for, and even enhanced further with Se toning. If we took the longer LER, as suggested by WBM.
From Minor White's Zone System Manual 1961/63edition...

"The high values of a scene must be distinguished from the "highlights" or White Keys...very tiny spots in the print... require no detail... The presence of highlights or white keys in a photograph with a long series of grays gives richness; or in a long series of textured whites the white keys give vitality."

So it's important to have Black Keys and White Keys on the print, they are out of the aim points.

Whether you take 1.05 or 1.20 is a matter between you and your "teacher." It may be an important part of the system in Way Beyond Monochrome, so I would hesitate to steer you away from it if you follow Ralph Lambrecht's teaching. I found my LER by serendipity. I had a negative hard to print on Grade 2 and another one that was hard to print on Grade 3. I decided my aim was going to be right between these two negatives' characteristics. I didn't want any negatives to be harder to print than these two.