I used both the N80's and the N90's I have a couple of times each. My preference went to the N90 simply because it was a heavy beast and due to that weight was easier to keep steady. All of my N90's have the sticky issue or the coating has been peeled off and no more sticky problem.

All the above said, I prefer to use the N75 due to it being the last consumer film camera with most of the bells and whistles of the then top model cameras in a very, very light package. And what is really fun is sticking a DX version G lens on it and see what comes out!! All my MF and AF "D" series lenses work perfect on it. Much, much lighter than the N90.....found an N75 that had one roll of film through it after it was purchased by the original owner and put in the closet a couple of years back.

Unless you have purchased an N80 or an N90, consider getting an N75 instead.

Bob E.