That would likely be the plan; repackaging it from bulk. I've already started looking at amber PET bottles and that kind of thing. Doing it right will be my #1 priority.

Here's what Secant says about this sensitizer; they have about 60kg left that they are selling it for a small markup over cost. After this, they said they're not sure about how much another manufacturing run would cost, but it might be in the $1000/kg range. That's still cheaper than say, Sigma-Aldrich or TCI. And there might be more of this stock elsewhere in the world(?). However, they basically don't know (or haven't said) what a mfg run would cost and hope that they can get their manufacturer to do it "reasonably."

What's important now, in my eyes, is to get to know this stuff and develop as much knowledge about it as we can. 60kg is a lot, and this group buy will put more of this sensitizer in the hands of at-home-carbon-printers than ever before.