My wife owns about 10 of these amazing cameras.

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here is an Interview with the CEO of the company which produce the Holga line of cameras:

The current production is more than 200,000 cameras p.a., and they expand their business to mainland China (PRC) [ BTW: Lomography CEO M. Fiegl recently said in an interview the Lomographic Society sold about 500,000 of their Lomo cameras in 2011].

Three years ago (09/2009) a long Interview with Mr. Lee has been published by German news magazine Spiegel online.
The main statements in this interview:

- the Holga was originally intended as a photo camera for mainland Chinese photographers, introduced 1982
- but the Holga failed in this market because Chinese photographers bought modern Japanese 35mm (compact) cameras instead
- the breakthrough for the Holga happened about ten years later, when young photographers and some artists in the USA and Europe discovered it; and especially the LSI (Lomographic Society International) made the Holga popular in the nineties
- since it's introduction 1982 up to 2009 more than one million of the medium format Holga models has been sold
- after the success in USA, Japan and Europe now there is an increasing demand from China as well.

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