I have been lurking for some time now and thought I would introduce myself. I have only returned to film after about a 30 year time out. I have developed 4 36 exp. films and made proof prints and have also made a few enlargements in the last month or so. I mainly shoot B & W, like shooting landscapes and anything old (cars, farm machinery and buildings). It is almost like riding a bicycle except it doesn't hurt when you fall off.

I use a Canon AE-1 Program as my main camera, I also have a Minolta X-370 as a back up. The Canon has a 50 mm f1.8 lens along with a 70-210 zoom f4.0 Canon lens. I also have the A power winder and the Speedlite 199 flash unit. The Minolta has the standard 50 mm f2.0 lens along with a 28 mm f.2.8 and a 70-210 zoom lens. I have a Durst F60 enlarger with the 75 mm lens that came with it and just recently bought a Minolta 50 mm f 2.8 lens. I also have the masks for doing 35 mm film and the film carrier is for 6X6. Darkroom is just temperarely set up in the garage. It works for now but come winter time I may not be doing as much enlarging as I would like too.

There has been some great reading here, and have enjoyed myself, hope fully some day soon I can get a scanner so I can share some of my work and get some tips from the pros here.

Thanks for your time,