This is an Excellent 3 lug late serial number (136xxxx) M5 which is meant to be used. It's not a shelf queen with a small ding on the rear to the right of the eyepiece, a bump under the vulcanite under the back door and some little wear here and there can it shoot. It actually is very nice looking as well.

All functions solid, meter spot on, all speeds work as they should and the VF is clean and clear. A fantastic camera, my quietest Leica, beating out the M7s I used to own. Camera comes with a spare "zinc air" cell battery which has a terrific life in this camera.

Price: $1100 Shipped & Paypal'd. Confirmed addresses please.

Please let me know if you have any questions about either camera. I'm going to miss it but it's just not getting used enough as I'm on a Contax G2 kick with my film work.



PS- I do not post on APUG much but come here for advise on film developing and process quite a bit. I am very active on other photography related sites if you need to check out my background, like here as kdemas.

Leica M5.jpg

Leica M5-4.jpg

Leica M5-3.jpg

Leica M5-5.jpg