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I think the problem is that Kodak is still way too big. They've gotten a lot of flak for all of the lay-offs, but I don't see any way to avoid that. If somebody does step up and buy the personal imaging business they're going to have to axe a lot of people too.
You have no idea of how SMALL in manufacturing area people Kodak is right now.

Most of you have never seen Kodak Park (now Eastman Business Park) and may think of the manufacturing location as a couple of buildings. In fact, it is a city with its own railroad, fire department, electricity generation, heating and cooling services, water and sewage treatment facilities.

See http://www.democratandchronicle.com/...odak-Rochester scroll down for an aerial view image.

See also http://www.ebpvirtualtour.com/ You can see a lot of empty parking lots that once were full!

Being a 'city' was great when Kodak was a manufacturing giant, now it just complicates things.