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Doing it right will be my #1 priority.
Excellent, I had no doubts about that! My own provision from another supplier was packed in a brown glass bottle within a black plastic bag. Same kind of bag as we know from photopapers. Brown glass or brown PET probably doesn't block enough UV. Dick Sullivan somewhere mentioned special UV blocking bottles he used. Not brown but opaque white.
The powder itself is light sensitive so all handling should be done with safe light.

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60kg is a lot, and this group buy will put more of this sensitizer in the hands of at-home-carbon-printers than ever before.
Yes, and after that we probably have to go to China for more.... I'm still interested to know about Secant's Eastern European manufactures.

About quantities:

Carbon tissue with diazidostilbene incorporated needs a gelatin/diazidostilbene ratio of 0.04 - 0,06. The 0.06 ratio equals the behaviour and printing time of 3% dichromate sensitized tissue. With a lower ratio contrast gets higher, sensitivity lower, nothing new.
So for every liter of 10% glop you need 4 to 6 grams diazidostilbene. With a kilo one can make 166 to 250 litre of glop. This coats 237 - 357 square meter tissue with a 0,7 mm wet height. A square meter can be cut down to twenty 8x10inch tissues. A kilo is good for at least 4740 8x10 prints. One has to have a serious production workflow!