I agree that er wasn't much to see for analog film users. I thought the lomographic booth was nice though. They even had a film developing (in coffee) session. I don't think I will ever buy on of their camera but I liked the positive admosphere. I also liked the large format camera's from Shenhao.

It was nice to see the Harman pinhole camera in real life, but I think I will stick to building my own from cans for now. They also had direct positive paper on a new experimental base much like the base of Ilfochrome. Sussana Kraus from Imago 1 1 (http://www.imago1to1.com, they use it for their 1:1 camera) told me that the base was probably to expensive to put in production. She did have some test material.

It was a pity, that all the 'analog' booths where so far apart. It would have been better if all the analog stuff had been concentrated around the lomo booth for example.

I missed the booth of Film Rescue International http://www.filmrescue.com/ and there European partner Frank Bruinsma of www.super8.nl because I didn't know it was there and because it was in a totally different hall then the rest.