Another remark about clearing:

I have been doing mostly double transfer, where clearing is not a big problem as the image is transfered to a polyester support and seems to wash much better. This is different with single transfer to a paper. Yellow stain in the paper is visible when the print is dry. When the print is not properly washed as happened to my students last weekend it is even worse.

The original Ultrastable method used a white polyester base sheet for the final print. Apart from easier registration, clearing might be one of the reasons for using polyester for single transfer.

I could clear the single transfer prints on paper with the normal permanganate/ sulfite-metabisulfite method, but they had to stay much longer in the sulfite bath. On one print a little yellow tone in the paperwhite is still visible.

So if you only do single transfer this might be an issue. Maybe there are other efficient clearing agents though.
By the way: I kind of like double transfer now. Not that difficult to start with and very easy once used to it.