From the comments section of the Guardian artical: "it's not "Lomography" it's PHOTOGRAPHY. Stop enabling these people!

"Lomo" and "Lomography" are the brand names for a bunch of scammers who basically sell existing cameras (or silly, painted versions of existing cameras) in fancy packages for twice the price. Cheap cameras with plastic lenses, Russian knockoffs of fancier cameras, 35mm film and 120 film - all have existed for decades, long before the Lomo folks figured out that they could bilk idiots by putting a $40 Holga in a colourful box with one roll of bad film and charge $80 for it. Get your Holga on eBay from China where they are made and save a bundle.

You can pick up great, simple, cheap cameras (Agfas, Holgas, Kodaks, Kievs, FEDs, etc) at jumble sales, second-hand shops, or on the internet (eBay etc) for nothing. Do that, take pictures, and call it what it is - analogue photography."