Does PE or anyone else have an idea of how long a latent image lasts in hot weather? We just had a record-breaking heat-wave for a couple of days, and below are graphs of test-strips developed (1) just after exposure and just after the XTOL was mixed, and (2) 19 days later. The house has no air-conditioning, so the temperature has been 25-30 most of the time, getting a little above 30 during the heat-wave.


Does that graph look like a latent image that has deteriorated? Notice that the toe has dropped a little. I'm wondering if the latent image has faded, or if the XTOL has weakened. The XTOL was from a completely filled unopened bottle, and my own developers are also delivering lower than expected density, so I'm suspecting the film, but wanted confirmation of this based on the graphs.

Mark Overton