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The thing that held me back from getting or making a pinhole camera is the lack of sharpness. Most of the pinhole pics I've seen are just soft. I know that's part of the appeal but it's a level of softness that I think detracts from most images rather than enhances them. I'm not a Leica-type stickler for sharpness -I use a 1924 lens from a folding camera on my Rollei SL66 - but there surely has to be a minimum level of sharpness. Is a 10x8 pinhole camera likely to provide greater sharpness than smaller formats and, if so, what is it equivalent to? How would it compare to, say, a 400 ISO 35mm negative enlarged to 10x8?
The size of the pinhole has some effect on that but you'll never get it truly sharp. If that bothers you but you want to work in large format, just get a regular large format camera and cheap lens. It needn't cost much at all these days. Of course you CAN spend money on a brand new Ebony, or even a new Linhof (if you're insane - Linhofs are built like tanks, get a 20-30 year old one for less than half the price and never know the difference. My 1957 one is definitely a "user" and has things to work around, but is still quite usable.) A lens can cost a hundred bucks or less. You can probably get a usable 4x5 outfit used for less than these Titan 8x10s new.